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  • How To Properly Fit A Dog Collar

    Every dog needs to have a dog collar. It is a great tool to hold all of your pet’s identification tags including their license, rabies vaccination tag and their name tag. Collars are also great tools to help discourage barking, train dogs for specific things and makes it easier to walk your pet. But you have to make sure that your dog’s collar is on properly so that your pet is comfortable wearing the collar all day every day.

    Make it a habitProperly fitting A Collar

    If you make your dog wear a collar at an early age, he/she will get used to wearing it more so than when he/she is older. It will also decrease the chance of them being able to wiggle free from it because they will start to think of the collar as a part of them, the way we go with a watch on our wrist.


    To get an accurate measurement of your dog’s neck, you could get a tape measurer and measure snug to his/her neck, then add two inches. This will allow your dog to move freely, eat and swallow with ease. You should be able to slide 2 fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck without any pinching.


    As your dog grows, keep an eye on their collar. Their neck will get bigger and the collar will need to be adjusted. This does not mean only as your puppy grows up, but if your pet gains or loses weight as well.

    At K-9 Palace, we have a dog collar that will fit all types of personalities. We even have holiday dog collars. Check out our large selection today.

  • Essentials For A New Pet Owner

    When you get a new puppy or adopt an adult dog for the first time, there are a lot of things people forget to tell you. Sure they will tell you to expect chewing and accidents on the carpet, but other than that you have to find all of the information out on your own. So at K-9 Palace, we thought we would help you navigate through the beginning stages of pet ownership.


    Before you can even bring your new pet home, you need to have the essentials. A dog collar, leash, food, food and water dishes and whatever else you think you will need for the first few days to a week of bringing your fur-baby home. You will also want to get a pet ID to go on their collar.

    Vet trip

    Within the first couple of weeks with your pet, you need to get them in to see a veterinarian. Getting a full work up of your dog is great so that you can know if they have any issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. It is also a good idea to invest in microchipping your pet so that you can be reached if your dog ever gets loose.


    Get your pet into the habit of proper grooming. They will need to be bathed at least once a month and they will also need to learn how to have their teeth brushed, their nails clipped and their fur combed.

    When you have a new pet, shop at K-9 Palace for your dog collar, dog leash and even pet ID tags.

  • How To Get Your Dog Comfortable In Pet Clothing

    Getting Pets Comfortable In ClothingWhen you have a small dog, a Chihuahua for example, you notice right away that they shake or shiver a lot. They are constantly wanting to snuggle with you just so that they can stay warm. A lot of small dog owners would like to put their dog in pet clothing to stay warm, but the dog may not like it. He or she will try to get out of it by chewing on it. One of t
    he most common questions when it comes to pet clothing is how to get your pet used to the idea of wearing it. We have some tips.

    Introduce slowly

    At first, your dog will have no idea what is going on. All they know is that you are putting something over their head and forcing their front legs through holes. Allow your dog to smell the clothes before you put them on. Maybe even get their scent on the clothing item so that they become more familiar with it.

    Leave it on at bedtime

    A lot of dogs will try to chew the clothes while they are on, especially when you aren’t around so it is a good idea to put them in the clothes when they are going to bed for the night. They cannot chew on it and sleep at the same time. This will also help them get used to wearing the clothes.

    Use training treats

    Giving your pets treats isn’t only for when they are out on a walk. If your pet is not trying to get the clothes off, they deserve a reward. Give them a little nibble every once in awhile if they are not attacking the fabric. You can also scold them for chewing on the cloths.

    It will take a little time before your dog appreciates that the pet clothing is actually keeping them warmer so it is important to commend them when they are behaving appropriately in their clothing. At K-Palace, we have small dog clothing that we are sure your pet will love.

  • The History Of Dog Clothing

    Dog ClothingOnce upon a time, dogs used to be naked. Their humans allowed them to run wild and natural. But that was 12,000 years ago. At least, that is how far back we could find dogs as companions of humans. In today’s society, it may seem like a relatively new phenomenon to dress our pets up in clothing. But
    the truth is, humans have been dressing up their K-9 companion in dog clothing for thousands of years. We thought that it might be fun to look back on the history of dog clothing.

    The Dog Collar

    In as early as 3100 B.C. there are records of people placing collars around dog’s necks. You may be thinking to yourself that this was most likely solely for restraint purposes but archaeologists discovered the remains of a dog wearing a collar that was made of gold, silver and turquoise.

    There was a dog found in the remains of Pompeii wearing a collar that was inscribed telling the story of the dog rescuing its owner from a wolf attack. There are also several paintings from the royal courts of owners holding their dogs who had on collars.

    Dog Clothing

    Queen Victoria at one time wrote about dressing up her little dog, Dash, in clothing. At about the same time, the dog apparel industry was starting to take off all around Paris. Pet boutiques started appearing as popularity grew. These boutiques sold shirts, housecoats, collars, bracelets, brushes, underwear and even dog beds.

    So the next time someone tells you how ridiculous it is to dress your pet in cute pet clothing, tell them that it is a sign of wealth and royalty. It will stop them in their tracks.

  • More Tips On Dog Park Etiquette

    In our last blog, we talked about some of the things that you should do and keep in mind when you take your dog to a dog park. Since there are so many rules to follow to make sure all dogs and their humans are safe, we thought we would take the time to talk more about dog park etiquette.

    Clean up after your dog

    This is a big nuisance to pet owners. We are there to have a good time with our dogs but we end up spending the majority of our time cleaning dog poop off the bottom of our shoes. This isn’t fun for anyone and we are positive that you wouldn’t enjoy it either. Most dog parks have free doggie bags for easy cleanup. Taking the extra two minutes to pick up after your dog is a common courtesy we should all do for our neighbors.Dog Park Etiquette2


    Be willing to leave

    There are many things to look out for while you and your pet are at the dog park. One of the bigger issues is aggressiveness. Whether it is your dog or someone else’s dog, no one wants to see either get hurt. If your dog is being bullied or is bullying other dogs, it may be time to leave. You and your dog are there to have fun and if they are being guarded or aggressive, then they are not having fun.

    No matter what happens at the dog park, one thing is for sure: you will want them to be safe. Make sure that you have a sturdy collar and leash to keep your dog near by at all times and it’s never a bad idea to bring toys and treats to reward your dog for good behavior. Check out our collars and leashes now.

  • Collars, Leashes And Dog Park Etiquette


    Just because we have dogs it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have a great big yard for them to run around in. And it most certainly does not mean that there are other dogs around for them the play with and “talk” to. This is why dog parks have become so popular in the last few years. Having an area that you can take your pets to get some social interaction is great for them both mentally and physically. But there are certain rules that you need to follow if you decide to take your pet to a nearby dog park.

    Collars and LeashesDog Park Etiquette

    Even though most dog parks are enclosed it does not mean that you should take your pet without a leash or a collar. There is a period between getting out of the car and into the enclosed area that your dog can be unpredictable. Seeing other dogs running around could cause your dog to take off running towards them. It is important to keep your dog leash on your dog’s collar until you are safe inside the fenced area. Also, it is a good idea to keep your leash on your person just in case your pet becomes aggressive towards another dog.


    We recommend that you keep an active eye on your dog, especially when there are several dogs in the enclosed park. Just because your dog has never shown signs of aggression before doesn’t mean he or she will not ever be. Don’t just sit on the bench and play games on your phone. Interact with your pet and help them release some energy. You can even get a little exercise your self!

    There are so many things to remember when you take your dog to the dog park. Stay tuned for more tips in later blogs.

  • How To Keep Your Pet Safe And Warm This Winter

    As we are in the dead of winter with some of the coldest temperatures still ahead of us, we thought we would write a blog that helps you keep your pet warm because, eventually, they will need to go outside, no matter how cold it is. You always hear these nightmare stories where pet owners leave their dogs outside all day and all night no matter what the weather is. While most of us are aware that this can cause illness in our pets, we wanted to go over some facts about winter and our pets.

    Snowsnow dog

    Have you even seen a dog trump through the snow and halfway into it they stop and lift up their paw and look at you with those sad puppy-dog eyes? This is because the snow has gotten in between the pads of their paw and is extremely cold. This can cause severe pain, just like it does when you place your hand in a pile of snow for more than a few seconds.


    Pet clothing may be a little much to some. Many pet owners (and even non-pet owners) believe that dogs have a layer of fur to keep them warm. While this is true, so is the fact that humans also have hair all over their body and we still need lots of layers when it is 12 degrees outside. Dog clothes are a great addition for your pet so that they can enjoy being outside for longer periods of time.


    If there is no way for you to keep your pets inside when you are away, we urge you to make sure that you are providing adequate shelter that not only keeps them warm but also protects them from wind, rain, sleet, snow, or any other kind of weather they may face.

    For the internet's best source of quality pet clothing, shop The K9 Palace’s collection today.

  • Where Can You Go With Your Pet Carrier?

    Pug Dog CarrierWe have talked before about how, as small pet owners, we want to take them with us wherever we go. But because we don’t have a great way to transport them, they end up staying at home. If you are saddened by the fact that your beloved pet is at home, then we have great news for you. The K9 Palace has a great selection of small pet carriers so that you can tote your pet around with you to almost anywhere.


    When you have one of our designer pet carriers, you will be able to take your small pet with you to whatever store you want. The pet carrier can double as a purse and no one will be the wiser. As long as your pet isn’t trying to jump out or is barking, that is.


    A lot of people have to travel with their pets and that can be a real hassle. After all of the paperwork is submitted, telling the airline that your pet has been cleared to fly, you then have to find a crate that you pet will be comfortable in for the duration of the flight. With our Jet Setter Carrier Collection, your pet can fly in style. They are also airline approved so you don’t have to worry about anything other than making it to your gate.


    There are many jobs out there that allow you to bring your dog to work with you. If you do this, you may have to bring a bed so that they will lay down and sleep. However, if you have one of our pet carriers, your dog will be perfectly comfortable the whole day.

    If you are looking to travel with your small pet more, invest if one of our pet carriers today.

  • Why Your Dog's Collar Needs An Identification Tag

    In 2011, the ASPCA conducted a survey that found that 15% of pet owners reported that they had lost their dog in the 5 years prior but only 90% of those lost dogs made it back to their owners. The majority of lost pets that are not returned is due to the fact that they are not wearing identification tags. Losing your pet is one of the hardest things that you will experience as a pet owner. It is devastating to think that you could still have your dog safe and sound on your couch if only you had a pet ID tag on their collar.

    For the most part, people are kind and willing to help their fellow man. If they see a loose dog and can scoop them up, they will. If that dog has a collar with an ID tag on it, your neighbor will call the number etched into the metal so that they can let you know where they are keeping your beloved pet so that you can pick them up.

    There are stories upon stories of this kind of thing happening and we at K-9 Palace love that we can be a part of this. We have every design that you can think of when it comes to pet identification tags. We have silver ID tags with pictures and colors. We even have ones that have glitter!

    We recommend that you at the very least add your phone number and the pet’s name on the dog tag so that the people who are looking after your pet can keep him/her comfortable. When you want to add a ID tag to your pet’s collar, shop our collection.

  • It Is A Great Idea To Invest In A Small Pet Carrier

    Gone are the days where you have to leave your pet at home when you go out shopping. There are many stores all over the country that are allowing you to bring your pet inside the stores with you. Even if they don’t actually allow it, they don’t really say anything to you either. They would rather have your business. It seems like the smaller the dog, the better chance you have that they won’t even notice that you brought your fur-baby in with you.


    Unless you want to put them in the shopping cart while you shop, risking the fact that their little paws will go through the holes at the bottom, you will want to get something that they will be comfortable in. That is why the pet carriers at K-9 Palace are perfect. Our small dog pet carriers look and act like purses. Unless your dog is barking from inside the carrier, most people won’t even notice that there is a living creature inside it.


    One of the biggest reasons to get a pet carrier for your small dog is that when they are being walked on a leash where there are a lot of people, they can get stepped on pretty easily. Not to mention, the poor little thing gets scared beyond belief. Another reason is that the smaller the dog, the smaller their legs and that means that they cannot go on very long walks without becoming tired.


    For some of the best looking small dog carriers on the market, check out our selection at K-9 Palace today.

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